Gong Sound Therapy

Widely referred to as a Sound Bath due to participants being immersed in the healing vibrations of the Gongs during a session. Gong Sound Baths are often described as having transformational effects on body, mind, and spirit. You’ll lay down comfortably in the dark warmth while Holly gently strikes the gong mindfully and purposefully. The soothing ‘ HUMMMMMMM’ will lovingly surround and travel right through you. Your mind and body will gently surrender to the relaxing and effortless journey on a wave of healing sound leading you into a blissful and meditative state.

Holly trained with Grand Gong Master, Don Conreaux in New York and travels all over Michigan and Ohio with her gongs. She will bring them to you for an additional fee.

Please contact us with any questions

*We also offer both virtual and in-person Gong Sound Healing services.

The use of Yoga Nidra (sleep yoga), breathwork, crystals and visualization are woven into our Gong Sound Bath sessions.

Click here for a virtual gong soundbath
For the virtual Gong Sound Baths you will need:

● Headphones/earbuds
● Space to lay down comfortably with your body nice and lonnngg (PREFERABLY your bed)
● Trust. Enough trust to allow yourself to really let go and relax.
● There is no “wrong” way to do this
● If you don’t feel peaceful right away I IMPLORE YOU to stay and focus on your breath until you do.
● Gong Sound Baths allow your body to get the TREMENDOUS benefits that this healing modality offers. A rested body and mind functions more efficiently and THIS offers an alternative to sleep aids, a new routine to look forward
🌻A few tips, suggestions, apprehension alleviators:
● Get into your spot before you ‘show up’
● You don’t have to be “presentable” (or even dressed for that matter)
● If you fall asleep, GREAT, if not, GREAT!
● You only need your ears but if you’d like to watch, that’s fine too
● Anything you post WHILE I’M PLAYING won’t be seen by me, so I can only answer questions before and after❤
🌻 It will come 🌻

What to do at a Gong Sound Bath:

Find a seat or spot on the floor/ground
Get comfortable
Close your eyes
Lay back and relax…THAT’S IT!

What you’ll feel at a Gong Sound Bath

At first it’s strange but TRUST IT and let the sound lull you
WON’T feel yourself falling asleep BUT you’ll feel yourself waking up
MAY feel like you’re drifting, floating, swimming or flying
MIGHT experience a clear memory
COULD experience an epiphany or solution to a problem
Stay relaxed and in your spot until I cue you to wake up